Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thank You Notes - Do you send them?

How often do you say thank you? How often do you send a personal hand written thank you note to someone?

Not through facebook, not a wall post, not a text message not even a DM on twitter but a personal hand written note that is sent in the mail (no not email) to say thank you.

This is a practice I learned early on in ministry. This week take the time to write volunteers, staff, church members, students or whoever a thank you note.

Ideas on when to write thank you notes:

1. Monthly to your volunteers
2. When someone's buys your lunch/breakfast/dinner
3. When you come home from an conference/event send a note to all the sponsors of that event
4. When you come home from an conference/event send a thank you note to all speakers and people you meet.
5. Birthday's is a great time to send a note.
6. Anniversaries of your people
7. After your speak at an event to say thank you for the opportunity.

the list could go on. The point send a note!!!

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