Thursday, September 2, 2010

How to have Community Impact in Student Ministry

Community Impact in student ministry is crucial for your success in student ministry. Here are a few ideas on how to have strong community impact.

Offer your facilities to the School District.
When I say offer I mean don't charge them for anything but give them everything you have to offer. Will it cost you? YES!!! God gave you the building and all the "bells and whistles" so use it for his glory and not for just yourself. That is called Selfishness!!!

Any time they ask say YES even if you are over booked. I promise you can figure it out!!!

Feed Teams:
Not just football teams but all teams and organizations. Pop cycles are best because they are the cheapest.

Mobilize your student ministry to pick up after games or big events at the school.

Feed the Teachers:
Take a meal to the teachers lounge and feed all the school teachers for that day.

Random Act's of Kindness:
During football session take some chick fil a to the coaches office, take the assistants at the front desk gift cards, etc....

just do some thing random and it will go a long ways.

Never say No to the Community:
No matter what you can help and mobilize your students to do so. If the community knows they can depend on you they will call on you and you will win their favor!!!

Just a few thoughts. The important part is to be in the community. If you spend more time in your office than you do in the community you might want to work on your schedule...

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