Friday, October 1, 2010

Lessons I have Learned Part 11

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1. What does an A+ Team Look Like:

a. Entrepreneurs

b. Hard Work Ethic

c. Spiritually Focused

d. Men/Women with Vision

e. Men/Women who take the Initiative

f. Where all staff agrees that Excellence is the only option

g. Men/Women you do not have to ask more than once

h. Men/Women who take a task to the next level

i. Organization

j. To have a great team you must have a great leader.

k. Willing to do whatever whenever.

l. Discipline

m. Loyalty

n. Fun

o. Whatever it takes attitude.

p. Communication is key

q. All Types – Don’t just hire people just like you.

r. Dreamers

s. Learners –

t. Common Sense


2. Encourage each other – Discouragement does not = motivation!!!

3. There are seasons to your job and life. You must know when those are and prepare your spiritually life, your family and be sure you don’t’ miss opportunities..

4. 2 reach ur full potential u must have those around u that will push u. B thankful 4 leaders who do not settle for mediocrity or avg.

5. "People and rubber bands have one thing in common: they must be stretched to be effective." John Maxwell

6. Whenever you encounter a hill, keep pushing & hoping. There's probably a downhill on the other side.

7. Never wait for a "storm" to hit. Always be ahead of the storm.

8. What are we doing in our life today that if God removed his hand we could still do? What are you trust the spirit of God for?

9. Do you center your life around the Cross or yourself?

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