Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lessons I have learned: - Part 10

As most know I keep a doc on my computer of things I learn as I go. I have alwasy been taught that if you don't write it down you will forget it. So here are some things I have written down:

Part 1

1. Never Over Promise and Under Deliver

2. Never say anything behind someone’s back that you don’t have the guts to say to that persons face. IT will get back to them. You might not care if it does but either way it is ungodly!!!

3. Go where God calls you no matter what everyone else says!!! Don’t allow others to write your story only God!!!

4. Don’t be lazy Excute!!!

5. Discipline = work. In sports/family/work/marriage it takes discipline. Discipline is not always easy or fun but is always necessary.

6. Effort and Logic can lead to great success. – Lost cause in today’s culture

7. Some things I have learned over the Past 7 years

a. Tradition is not always Bad – We all know tradition is not always good and everything needs to change but one thing I have realized as I did ministry through my 20’s is tradition is not always bad. We all think we have the next greatest idea but is that idea really what God is calling us to do our is it our desire to be “famous.” We will get ride of a “tradition” that is working just so we can say we changed something!!! Does that mean it was worth crushing?

b. Change is a MUST!!!

c. Networking is very important

d. Attending healthy conferences keeps you fresh. – If you think your staff does not need to attend a conference then you are believing a lie!!! Everyone needs to be freshened up!!! It would be like you saying you never need a shower!!! Does not make sense. It is call PRIDE!!!

e. Pride will kill you

f. Be Positive

g. Watch what you say – You never know who you are talking too!!!

h. Spending time w/ God daily is a must!!!

i. Give hilariously with your money always!!! Look at a man’s pocketbook and you will find his true love!

j. Bigger is not always better

k. It’s all about the People – NOT about the number!! Don’t ever forget that!!!

l. Read, Read, Read

m. Work Hard!!!

n. Follow up is a must

o. Call people Back, Return emails, respond on facebook and twitter

p. Family MUST COME 1ST!!!!!!!

q. Time Management saves you hours in a day!!!

r. Delegation without Definition = disaster

s. Fail Fwd always. When you fail, not if, always learn and grow from your mistakes.

t. You can’t score unless you shoot – put the ball in the air (remember to fail fwd though)

u. Pray Pray Pray

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