Monday, December 6, 2010

When Leading a Meeting:

Have a purpose.  Don’t just meet to meet

Have a Plan – What do you want to accomplish in the meeting? The meeting starts before the start time for you!!!  You must prepare.

Have Handouts – always put an agenda in front of everyone you are leading so they can take notes and see where the meeting is going.

Coach your team – when meeting w/ students or a large group of people be sure you have “something worth hearing” so that they are challenged..  all great coaches coach their team not just show up and make calls!!! 

Have a take away – What are “the people” suppose to do?

Follow up – is the team doing what you asked them to do?  Inspect what you expect.  Expect little and you will get little.  Expect a lot and you will get a lot.

Be thorough in the meeting.  When it is general no one leaves with a take away.. 

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