Friday, December 3, 2010

Youth Pastors I follow and Learn from:

I have been asked lately who I learn from and follow:  Here are some of the guys that speak into my life and ministry some in person and some by a distance but all are some of the finest I know in there field!

These are all guys I try to talk to often to see what they are doing.

There are really a lot of others I speak to often.  I believe you can learn from everyone but here area  few guys I try to keep up with:

Jeff Lovingood - Long Hollow Baptist Church Next Generation Pastor
Sean Mills - Beech Street Baptist Church Youth Pastor/Teaching Pastor
Matt Lawson - FBC Woodstock HS Pastor
Jeff Borton - Christ Fellowship Miami Youth Pastor
Kevin Moor - 180 in Tulsa Youth Pastor
Brent Crow - SLU
Shaun Blakeney - Christ Fellowship West Palm Youth Pastor
Jordan Easley - Second Baptist Houston Youth Pastor
Spencer Barnard - East Side Baptist Church Youth Pastor
Darel Jones - Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Youth Pastor
Randy Hall / Roger Davis - Student Life Camps
John Mark Harrison - Biltmore Baptist Church
Bruce Ashford - Southeastern Seminary
Alvin Reid - Southeastern Seminary
Kelly Knous - Idewild Baptist Church Youth Pastor
Jason Gastons - Summit Church Youth Pastor
Keith Harmon - Cross Church Youth Pastor

Who do you follow and who should i start following to better my leadership in student ministry?

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