Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Story.... Creative Element from last Wednesday Night's Message

Don't Ask Won't Tell from Long Hollow Student Ministry on Vimeo.

This past wednesday we started a new series called "Don't Ask Wont Tell."  The point of the series is evangelism.  We have develop this idea that if people don't ask us about our faith we will never tell them.  I believe that is a a great scheme from the Devil for us to share our faith less.

Last night at the end of the message (Listen HERE) I took an idea Chris Lovell had @ Prestonwood Students and asked all of our students to go online and share their story in 2 minuets on a video and post it to there wall.

As simply as that sounds it is very challenging because this put them out their with all of their friends.  It has been amazing though.  So many of them have already uploaded their story and so many more are doing it today and by this weekend.  You can see a lot of them on and then others could not figure out how to post it to our fanpage so it is just on there wall.

100's of students share the gospel all over facebook last night and I encourage you to take this idea and make it your own and let's get our students, adults and ourselves share their God's story through their life all over facebook.

Here are a few tools for you to help win.

1.  My staff and I lead the way and recorded our stories first so the students could see an example.
2.  We handed out the card that I have attached to this blog so they see how to do it.

3.  I preached on it and challenge them to become evangelist.

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