Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hang with the Long Hollow Student Ministry Staff - Free Youth Ministry Conference

Long Hollow Student Ministry loves the opportunity to meet and learn from other ministers from all over the country.  We are a staff that is committed to watching students be saved, baptized and grow in their faith.

To help spread the resources God has blessed us with and to help learn from other churches we have created a FREE 24 hour conference that you or your team can attend.

We will let you pick a Wednesday Thursday you would like to come and we will host you and give you some of our staff's time.

the Schedule would look like this:

2-3 Meet w/ a LHSM Staff Member
3-4 Meet w/ a LHSM Staff Member
5 Dinner on your own
6:15 Middle School Service
7:15 High School Service

This Wednesday night you can pick from one of our campuses.
Hendersonville Campus -
HillCrest Campus -
White House Campus -
Gallatin Campus -
Springfield Campus

9am Attend and Observe during our LHSM staff creative planning meeting.
10:30 - 11:30 Meet w/ an LHSM staff member
11:30 - 1:00 - Meet w/ LHSM Youth Pastor Brian Mills
1-2pm - Take a tour of our new youth building

If you would like to attend this please email and she will work out the dates we are available and what you would like to accomplish while being here.

We look fwd to learning from you as we break down student ministry.