Sunday, September 25, 2011

Creative idea in signing up for YAPTAP

We use YAPTAP as our texting service.  It is an A+ product your hold check out.

To get students to sign up during our Brick by Brick series we are using yaptap to play an interactive game each week.

One week we gave a $25 gift card away by sending out a challenge through yaptap and who ever did it first won.
2nd week - we did a scavenger hunt and hints we are only given out through yaptap.
3rd and 4th week we have come up with other challenges for the students to do.  (we have not done them yet since we are in the middle of the series while i am typing this)

We are having students sign up now more due to this.  It is our hope to get all of our students/parents/volunteers on yaptap so we can communicate quicker and easier to Long Hollow Students.

Here is all the options for LHSm to sign up for yaptap - CLICK HERE

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