Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Twitter Question: What is the name of your current sermon series? Answer are -

@drewdsnider Drew Snider  Getting out of your comfort zone requires BEING YOU

@sammidgett Sam Midgett  how to survive a zombie attack

@keithrowell Keith Rowell finishing up 'Prayers that Shook the World' next week starting 'Naked' tlking the importance of authenticity

@thepresident34 Chris Mikesell  we are going through @DaveRamsey generation change

@EliasPenalo Elías Peñalo  the Yoke of Sin, but I'm not done yet :)

@raysanford25 Ray Sanford  part 2 of "Josiah Road" series tonight.

@raysanford25 Ray Sanford Then kicking off the iWorship series that focuses on the selfishness of making worship all about ourselves instead of Jesus

@B_Harrison Brandon Harrison  dead or alive

@Robb_Hand Robb Hand  We are going through a series: Radical Followers: What it means to seriously follow Jesus. Tonight is on Community.

@RevElkins Dan Elkins  We are going through Ecclesiastes with our Middle Schoolers. Have a great time!

@pastorbialek Jeremy Bialek  Our's is finishing up on the Fruit of the Spirit tonight. Good stuff. You can't force the fruit. It's a product of the root.

@Joshgering Josh Gering  Carrier: Going Viral Romans 8:11 "The Spirit of God who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you."

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