Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Book Coming out for Boys / Men - Checkpoints - A Tactical Guide to Manhood

Several years ago God put a real passion on my heart to write a book for young men.  I noticed as a youth pastor there was very little out there for me to recommend to Dad's and Small Group leaders for there "guy" groups or there "sons."

Through a lot of prayer, God open the door for me to connect w/ Marsha Pursley with Navpress.  Through several conversations she said this is a book they would love to publish.

I then contacted my friend Nathan Wagnon who I became very close to in college.  I knew Nathan and I would make a good team.  Nathan is the smart one of the team who can write really well and as well can spell really well which is a big help to me.

Nathan, who is active in the military, fully committed to be a part of this Journey and off we went.

Long story short Checkpoints was born.  The book is now at the editor and will be released in July of 2012.

@checkpointsbook is all about challenging boys to be men.  It takes boys on a 40 day journey done over 8 weeks through several topics.  Each topic is picked from our experience over the past 11 years of leading groups and myself as a youth pastor.

At the end of each week there is a guide (After Action Review) in which a small group leader, Accountability group, Dad or anyone wanting to discuss the book could use.  This makes the book not just a good book but a good piece of curriculum as well.

If you are in Middle School, High School, College, Dad, Small Group Leader, Youth Pastor, Accountability Group or work with guys in anyway this book is for you.

Help us by Liking our Facebook page http://www.checkpointsbook.com and then following us on twitter @checkpointsbook

We have several options to put this book in the hands of many athletes and others through donations.  If you are interested in helping with that contact me.

Most of all Pray for us as we finish up this process and see how God uses this book to touch the lives of young men all over the world.

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Prayer Knight said...

Hey Brian... looking forward to doing this study with my boys. Where do I find the study guide?