Friday, January 27, 2012

Don't Miss this Opportunity for Mission Belize - Teens up to Sr Adults

I recently attended a trip to Belieze with Jordan Easley, Matt Lawson, Jeff Audis and some other good friends.  We stayed in a place called La Estima.

While spending time in Belize I realized a few things...

1.  Belize is a great place to travel too:
 It is a quick and cheap plane trip and has some amazing scenery while being there.  Some of the best divining in the world.  It is truly a must go place in your lifetime.

2.  Belize is a Safe place to go.  
As a youth pastor i am always looking for safe environments where our students can go and experience a new culture.  Belize is truly a place you can go and w/ the help of the managers of La Estima you will be very safe no matter your age.  Weather you are a teenager or a Sr. Adult.

3.  Belize is in need of the GOSPEL:
This is what pushes me to Belize the most.  While being there I came to the concluding there is no dominate religion and if some of us begin to partner w/ the right people we could truly change a country.  Belize is is need of the GOSPEL.

My point is this.  After leaving many of us spoken about this amazing opportunity.  Jeff Audis begin to study further into it and has now created, through our friends at TEAM IMPACT,  a way where we can spread the gospel all through Belize.  They need OUR help though.  We need to partner w/ them in watching this come true.

I have attended this trip and can tell you it is very much worth the experience and the partnership.  La Estima is a VERY VERY NICE place to stay w/ your group and a VERY safe place to stay w/ your group.  Team Impact is VERY purposeful in their mission to reach Belize.  Those two combinations shows me we stand a real chance to reach this country.  Will you join w/ us as we work to spread the Gospel to Belize?

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