Friday, June 1, 2012

What others have said about @checkpointsbook

You can PRE ORDER @checkpointsbook this month on Navpress Website for 30% off.  We are praying this book will be a blessing to teenage guys, dads, coaches, camps, youth groups, accountability groups or just a book book to read for years to come.

This book is written in a way that will challenge young boys to become men and every young guy should read it.

here is what others have said.  #buycheckpointsbook today


 Checkpoints is a practical, power-packed guide to help young men maneuver through life’s pitfalls and traps.  It is loaded with the right ammunition & tools to help you get and stay on the road to victory in your Christian walk! I highly recommend & encourage any young man courageous enough to walk through this study to move from boyhood to godly manhood.”
Dr. Joe White, Founder & President of Men At The Cross, President Kanakuk Kamps, founder of Kids Across America.

Checkpoints lays out clear actionable strategies and tactics that, when applied, transform young men into emerging leaders.”
Don Rockwell, Author of Leadership Freak Blog/Twitter

“We live in a society of boys who shave and the need for a biblical understanding of manhood is at an all time high. Into the white noise of grown boys playing endless hours of video games and teenagers desensitized from a bombardment of pornographic and violent images comes Checkpoints. I am so grateful to Brian Mills and Nathan Wagnon for creating a forty-day journey that readjusts the trajectory of development so that a young man can capture a vision for what it means to be a man of God.”
Brent Crowe, Vice President of Student Leadership University and author of Chasing Elephants

We live in a culture in which a young man can often be described more accurately not as man but as a ban – half boy half man.  Yet Scripture offers repeated examples of young men – Joseph, David, Daniel, and others – who demonstrated the life of a godly young man.  This book offers helpful counsel to young men in vitals areas to help them become not males, but men.  And we need men.”
Alvin L. Reid, PhD, Professor of Evangelism and Student Ministries / Bailey Smith Chair of Evangelism, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, North Carolina

“Young guys need to be discipled in their faith. Having a plan to do so is a must.  Checkpoints is that plan. We need a generation that will rise up with a strong vibrant passion for Christ and a willingness to be used in any way to change the world.  Checkpoints will be one of the major tools that can be used to disciple the next generation.  Buy it.  Share it with others.  Use it!”
Dr. Ronnie Floyd, Senior Pastor of Cross Church and author of Our Last Great Hope

There are very few books that I want to put in the hands of every young man in our student ministry to read . . . but this is one of them.”  “I praise God for the message in this book!  Checkpoints will encourage and inspire young men to trust in the Lord with all their hearts.”
Keith Harmon, Youth Pastor, Cross Church, Springdale, Arkansas

Checkpoints is an invaluable resource that speaks directly to the very heart and issues of young men.  This is a practical, daily call for men to stand up.  I love it and can't wait to use it with the guys I disciple.”
Matt Lawson, High School Pastor, First Baptist Woodstock

“After working with collegiate athletes for nearly 20 years, I have seen a lot of good boys, but very few Godly men.  We live a world that has become deficient in manhood.  This book is a great resource to help young men navigate the battlefield of life and not just survive, but thrive!”
Lance Brown, Founder and Director of WhoUWith? Ministries, "Pastor" to Vanderbilt Athletics

I wish I could tell you this is a book that you can't put down.  But it's not.  It's a book you may have to put down.  In fact, you might even want to throw it away or burn it at times.  But let the radical call of Jesus within these pages make its claim on your life as a young man and watch man of God emerge.”
Dr. Alex Himaya, Founding and Senior Pastor, The Church At BattleCreek, Tulsa, OK

Most guidebooks for teenagers focus merely on lists of moral tips and principles that teens should live out to be "good Christians."  The problem is that this approach fails to reveal to teenagers the truth that works-based righteousness is no righteousness at all.  This book is refreshingly different because Brian and Nathan emphasize that the gospel destroys attempts at works-based righteousness. They are also very pastoral in their approach because they understand that a good gospel theology must be lived out in the practical everyday activities of life. This 40-day study shows how the gospel addresses major everyday struggles of teenagers like pride, the pressure to perform in order to be accepted, facing failures, and many more!”
Nathan Akin, Discipleship Pastor at Imago Dei Church

“Brian Mills and Nathan Wagnon are men who love God and are strategic in developing young men. Their new book, Checkpoints is an incredible resource for High School guys. Written as a devotional, each day is packed with Scripture, insight and application for developing students into the man God has created them to be.  If you are looking for a tool that equips guys to fight temptation and live passionately for God, this it!”
Jeff Borton, Pastor of Students, Christ Fellowship, Miami, Co-author, Simple Student Ministry

As I read my Bible, I find many principles that help me to be disciplined in my Christian walk.  Brian Mills & Nathan Wagnon have blessed the body of Christ by writing his new book, Checkpoints, which will help a generation of teenagers and young men to have principles and practices that can lead them into a disciplined life and help them to be the Christians that Christ died for them to become.  I encourage you to place this book in the hands of your young people.  Also, encourage your Bible study leaders to read it and teach it.  They will be glad they did.
Dr. Johnny Hunt Pastor First Baptist Church Woodstock, Ga.

“Every young man needs to have checkpoints in his life; checkpoints that allow him to stop and honestly evaluate the direction his heart and life is pointing.  This book allows a young man to take a hard look at the most important areas of his life and it gives practical and biblical wisdom when and where he needs it the most.”
Jordan Easley
Teaching Pastor & Lead Student Pastor; Second Baptist Houston

You won’t find a better book for young men than “checkpoints.”  I love the mixture of creativity and spirituality that Brian and Nathan take us on in the journey through 8 Critical “Checkpoints” in becoming a stronger man of God.   This is a must read that is both Timely and great!

Youth Pastor West Campus