Monday, September 9, 2013

Interning @LhStudents by Justin Malkiewicz

Even though I have interned here before and knew what to expect, this internship exceeded all the expectations that I had for this summer.  The first week, I sat with the high school interns and pastors and we discussed what we wanted to see God do this summer. A couple of things that came to mind were enjoy the moment that I have been given and expect the unexpected.  
When I thought about enjoying the moment, it really hit me that even though its a simple concept, it is very powerful.  There are so many times in the past where I have said, “ I wish I would have, or I wish I could have” because I tend to think about the negativity of events that have happened in my life.   Since I have focused so much on enjoying the moment, it has made the summer go very smoothly.  Even in difficult times, it was so much easier to go on with the day due to the fact that in the forefront of my mind I kept saying enjoy the moment because I will never get this opportunity again.

The second take away from this summer was expect the unexpected.  There were so many stories that came my way, and I could not believe this would ever happen to this person.  There are so many times where students would come up to us and ask us for advice on different situations.  Even though I prayed for this kind of jokingly,  it came full circle for me because I realized I am at a stage in my life where I need to be ready for these types of questions. 
This summer has been a very good experience for me and I have really enjoyed myself and being able to work for Long Hollow Student Ministry. 

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