Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Words of Leadership Wisdom by @LHStudents Staff

I asked my staff yesterday in staff meeting to come with a lesson they have learned in leadership.  Here is what they all said:

Words of Leadership Wisdom
Humble confidence in leadership is a key to being a great leader – Brian Mills

Shane – Leaders are learners. We constantly have to be learning.
Book: More than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell

Josiah – As a leader, it is important to know when to speak up and important to know when to shut up.

Chris – Don’t do anything your not willing to put the effort in to doing well.

Nate – Relationships: Know your people. Get out of your comfort zone and know your people.

Wil – Be missional. Genuine leadership involves building and maintaining relationships.

Andrew – Lead by example.

Kelly – All leaders suck at something. Confident leaders know they are good at what they do, good leaders also know what they are not strong at, and can find people on the team to help. People want to feel like they are a part of something.

Stroube – Begin with the end in mind.

Amber – Delegate well. You are responsible for what they do.

Amy – Constantly communicate and love on our small group leaders. Recruit volunteers, we will not succeed without them.

Tyler – Give the people you are trying to lead ownership.

Nick – It is not about me, serve first.

Brian – Leadership vs. Followship
Know when to lead and when to follow. If you follow well you gain great respect and great favor.

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