Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A few questions to ask as we start 2014:

Just a few questions to ask as we start 2014:

1.     How is our personal walk with Christ?
2.     Is our family our #2 with our personal walk with Christ our #1? 
3.     What SIN is in our lives we need to confess and repent of?
4.     Who is one person you are praying for this year for them to be saved and plugged into church?
5.     What are our goals?  Do they push us or just allow us to maintain what we are already doing? 
6.     How often are we going to share the gospel this year? 
7.     Does our follow up plane work?  How big is your back door?  Is it a result of how well you follow up and plug those in who have been saved or baptized? 
8.     Do we have a plan to enlist new volunteers?
9.     Are we reaching out to our community as well as we possible can?  What can we do more for our community?
10. Are the people God has put us over just attended or involved in the church? 
11. Are we personally sharing the gospel and reaching out to others?
12. How this year can you spend more time out of the office and less time in the office reaching out to others? 
13. How can I improve this year?
14. Where am I going on vacation this year with my family. 
15. What conference will be the most beneficial for me this year?
16. What % more can we commit to give this year to the church?

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