Tuesday, April 29, 2014

5 Keys to MULTIPLYING your volunteers:

1.  Recognize your can't do it all:
It is the power of delegation.  To get great leaders you have to allow great leaders to lead.  Give them a roll and get out of their way.  Inspect what you expect but don't do it for them.  

2.  Create a Structure to Multiply:
If you double your volunteer base do you have a structure set up to take care of them?  We use volunteers to oversee volunteers so that we can continue to grow.  Get a structure that fits your ministry and multiply your volunteers.  

3.  Create a Recruiting Culture:
Your people should always be looking for others to come serve in your ministry.  The only reasons your current volunteers will do this for you is because they love serving in your ministry.  

4.  Tell the Story:
enough said.  Be sure they are current stories not stories from 10 years ago.  People want to be a part of a current move of God!  

5.  Have Fun!  
People love to be a part of fun!!!  

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