Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Keys to DEVELOPING your Volunteers:

1.  Have Standards.  
Don't allow just anyone to serve.  Have expectations!

2.  Train Monthly
We have found the best time to meet is when we have our current program.  We get a master teacher to come teach and we pull all the volunteers out for a 30 min meeting.

3.  Rally Weekly:
Every week the volunteers need to have 3 reminders - Details for the week, Vision of the week and a story of life change that happened last week.

4.  Party Often:
Have fun!!!!!  I want our ministries to be a high fiving warm place and that happens when your volunteers are having fun together.  A few times a semester Party with no agenda with your people.

5.  Be Relational:
Don't avoid your volunteers.  If you get the right ones you should want to hang out with them.  Get to know them through lunches or stopping by their place of employment.  If you want them to be relational with the students teach them by how you treat them.  Shepherd them the way you expect them to shepherd others.

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