Monday, April 25, 2011

Take the 12 a year challenge

I am praying for a movement to start from coast to coast for every church in the United States to baptize 12 students a year. I truly believe that if every church in America would take this challenge we could change a culture.

The church as a whole has more money and influence than anyone we just do not utilize the influence given to us.

If every student ministry in the US baptizes 12 students a year we would baptize more students than we ever have in history considering most churches baptize 0 students a year.

Here are some thoughts for you to start this journey:

1. Pray Pray Pray – Begin to pray for God to move in your ministry like never before. Get your adults, pastors and church praying!

2. Have an attractional Missional concept to ministry. I believe in doing events and programs that teens want to come too and love being a part of as long as you are clear from the beginning that the gospel will be shared. Let me say this I don’t think you should do any event or program without the gospel being a part of it. That is missional.

3. Follow up - Follow up after all events is a must.  You should not go more than 48 hours without following up with students who have made decisions or visited your ministry.
Check out these links:
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The important thing is to keep the gospel the center of your ministry.  When the gospel is the center students will be saved, baptized and will grow in their faith like never before.

Any way I can help you reach 12 students this year in baptism let me know.  It is not about a number but about getting intentional about the gospel!!!

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